Thursday, November 29, 2012

Engine Cooling FAN NOT WORKING

Radiator fan not working

Chevy Cavalier Cooling fan not working

Fan will not run with A/C ON or Heater ON.

With no fan running  in ac or heat up its :

  • bad fan motor
  • bad relay
  • bad fuse
  • or bad ECM (computer module)

Fuse located under hood.Cooling fan fuse number 30 AMP.
To confirm the fault you need test-light

First i suggest you to remove the fan relay from under hood fuse box. Then turn key on. Now with the test light you need to probe the terminals. Need power on 2 of them. If no power? then fuse if power on 2? then possible relay.

Now reinset  relay in, get engine hot and turn ac on. 
Probe the light blue wire to fan. if power? bad fan motor. if no power? back to relay or even failed ECM.

so if relay is not problem, fan motor not problem, fuse is good then have to suspect bad ECM and yes., it can happen

To confirm the fault go through wiring diagram shown below:-----

under hood fuse box,
cooling fan relay and the 30 amp fuse for cooling fan
its a max fuse or one of the larger ones

engine cooling fan wiring

These details will help.

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