Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Car: Vibrating Front End

Car vibrates at  the speed of 50 mph while driving.

It can be the issue of tire balance or brakes.
Can be faulty worn out wheel bearings on  tires.

Tire balance problems generally create a vibration at a specific speed that will fade away or even out as vehicle speed changes, above or below a specified speed. Having the tires balanced will most likely correct the problem.

Try these,

With the transmission in Park, turn the steering wheel to the left and to the right.

No inspect --------- Is the steering any different when turning to the left or right when doing this? ---------

You will notice the motor moves quit a bit when pushing the car forward or backwards

It is normal for the engine to move when pushing the car forward or backward in Park. If it moves excessively, check the top mounts from engine to radiator support.
Also it can be issue with front hubs,get it inspected.

Now test when you notice vibration.Only while taking turns to left or right or you also notice vibration when moving on straight road too.

If you notice vibration while turning left,then inspect left wheel.If you notice vibrating while turning right then inspect right wheel.
If you notice vibration while only turning and not on straight road then its not wheel bearing issue.Its transaxle issue.But it has to be confirmed.

If it only vibrates with the wheels turning then it is not in the front wheel bearings and not in the tires, the problem has to be either in a drive axle or in the transmission itself.

At our auto repair garage our Mechanics will typically use a tool called Chassis Ears. This tool has microphones that you can attach to various components and listen from the drivers seat to help pinpoint a noise while driving.
As per our vehicle repair experience it seems that CV joints will not typically make noise unless the boot has been compromised and the grease has leaked out of the joint. that you can visually inspect and confirm.
As per my suggestion i recommend you to get the vehicle introspected by  transmission shop, as they may be able to test drive the vehicle and tell you whether the noise is emanating from the transaxle. Or its somewhere else the noise is coming from.

These details will help.

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