Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ford power seat will not move forward or backward

2004 Ford expedition power seat problem.

The seat will not go forward or backward,but the seat moves up and down perfectly.

The problem noticed on driver side power seat.

It can be issue with motor,when motor gets faulty the humming type noise will be heard.

Do you hear any sound or clicking when you actuate the forward/ backward switch?

If there is no such noise,then also motor can be faulty.But when motor is faulty the noise is heard definitely.

So as per the possibility its either faulty  seat switch or the motor.
There is only one power supply to the switch, so we know power to the switch is okay. That is why seat is moving up and down.
You can identify where the problem lies by bypassing the switch. First, remove the switch connector, then jumper the dark green (power) wire to the red/white wire, at the same time jumper the yellow/ white wire to the black wire (ground).
Turn the key on momentarily and the seat should move either forward or backward. If it moves, then the switch is defective. If not, the forward/ backward motor is defective.

These details will help.

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