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Nissan/ Dustan Quest: stopped working four way flasher..flasher module clicks

1999 Nissan/ Dustan Quest Both  Turn Signals stopped working, but  four way flasher working .Also
flasher module clicks

The turn signals stopped working for both directions. 
4- way flasher still works - 
When you activate Flasher function you can hear the flasher module clicking on a regular cycle and the 4 lights go on and off normally. 

But the actual problem is noticed here,that is when  the turn signal arm is moved for either a left or right hand turn, there is no sound from the flasher module and the turn lights do not flash. 

The Flasher unit not working or turn signal not working.
Most commonly when such problem occur the problem is related to faulty Switch.

I suggest get the turn signal switch checked and inspected,the problem is mostly the switch.
The most common thing I see with turn signals not working is the switch for turn signals the contacts get worn and quit working.

Because if Hazards are working as already mentioned,then its not case of faulty Flasher unit,but only turn signal lights not working,these clears that problem is related to faulty switch.

The switch is located under steering column covers with 2 screws that hold it in . this is a dealer only part , Yes there are some aftermarket switch parts available at local auto parts,but there performance is not up-to the mark.on some cases it just don't last even for single day.

If both hazards and turn signal not working,then we would have opted for faulty fuse issue.But Hazards and turn signals are working on same fuse,so fuse getting blown in these case is not possible.

These details will help.

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