Monday, November 26, 2012

Chevrolet K1500 No spark,random misfire

Fault noticed on Chevy silverado, No spark and random misfire.
Distributor and timing chain replaced.
Coil is absolutely new.

On such case i suggest test the basics:-----

Suppose if you remove the distributor cap and turn the engine.
does the rotor turn?
is this why you got the new distributor?or ,did it run with this distributor?
Do you have a spark on the coil wire from the coil?


When the distributor is faulty,many a times you get error codes related to faulty cam shaft sensor and crank shaft sensor

If there is no spark out of the coil... then i suggest problem is with ignition module.
For exact location of ignition module check the link below:-----

The red wire to the coil,,,it should have battery voltage with the key on.That is 12 volt.
If not, then the problem may be the with ignition switch..check that,,if so,,lets check that new coil.

For how to check ignition coil on your vehicle i suggest the following link

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