Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chevy Power seat not operating

Inoperative power seat on Chevrolet Avalanche.

2003 Chevy power seat not functioning right.

It moves up and down, but forward reverse not working.

Either a blown fuse controlling the power seat or electrical wiring assembly issue for power seat.

So first you need check the fuse, and the connection under the seat. Also test  power wire going to the seat which controls its  forward and backward movement.

Hear is diagram of the electrical system. It could be a couple of different things like : A wire loose or not grounded, Power seat Motor, Seat Position Sensor,Power seat Switch, Power seat Module, or needs to be reprogrammed.

So check the power first and the fuses.

The power seat wiring diagram is as follows:-------

chevy seat wiring diagram

There is one fuse controlling the power seat.There is one switch and one motor.
If the fuse is faulty then seat will not operate at all.As its said that power seat moves up/down so fuse being faulty is rare,but still don't ignore the fuse issue also.
Same with switch.But don't ignore switch also.

it seems there can be a problem with either the horizontal motor or the switch. I would unplug the connector from the horizontal motor and check the resistance with an ohmmeter. If the resistance reads open, than the motor is faulty. You can also try banging on the motor to see if it starts to work.

There are 2 sets of wires going to the motor. A very small pair, one red, one black. One large pair, one red, one black.
You have to inspect these two sets of wires.Mostly probably the problem is weak motor or loose wires on motor,which controls forward/backward problem.

These details will help.

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