Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1998 Ford windstar vehicle speed sensor replacing

·        Transmission shifting issues 
·        Speedometer not measuring correct vehicle speed.

Such issues are noticed when Vehicle speed sensor gets faulty.
Vehicle speed sensor is also called VSS.
The Vehicle Speed Sensor is located on transaxle, rear of engine
The VSS, vehicle speed sensor located on top of the transaxle of the passenger side. It should be shielded with an aluminum cover that is easily removed by hand.The aluminum cover is for safety.
For easily replacing the Speed sensor by safely supporting the rear of the engine and then removing the rear engine mount. This VSS, which is almost directly behind the rear engine mount, will be bolted down with a 10mm bolt, looks like a large bullet in shape and will have a two wire electrical connector going to it.
Don’t forget the disconnect the sensor wire,if you just pull the sensor out and wires gets pulled,then while reinstalling new sensor the ,it will be problem.This VSS is easily obtainable in any parts store and should be about $50.

These will help.

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