Sunday, November 18, 2012

2009 Ford 4 Way Flasher Not working

2009 Ford F750 turn signals work fine...function switch..relay 

Four way flasher not working but turn signal working fine .

On such cases mostly the problem is multifunction switch or the issue is with faulty flasher relay.

If all test ok,then wiring's needs to be checked for hazard switch and its lamps to sockets.

See below the Pin point test details :----

The hazard lights go through the central junction box (CJB) Here is the pinpoint test for inoperative hazard lamps.

ford flasher hazard switch testing

The central junction box is the fuse panel on the passenger side of the instrument panel here.

View its details mentioned below:-----

Ford CJB diagram
hazard switch wiring
flasher wiring diagram
flasher hazard wiring

The pinpoint test is pretty straight forward with a volt ohmmeter and the schematics.

You just have to follow the instructions and it will let you know what exactly is causing the problem.
But first confirm the basics that is test multifunction switch,if its working then test the flasher relay,if it also works then go for tracing the wiring fault and issue with hazard switch power supply,these will help.

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