Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chevy Silverado Rear Speed Sensor

Speed Sensor issue on Chevy silverado

The speed sensor needs to be replaced

The speed sensor is located on the tail-shaft of the transmission [tailshaft of the transfer case if it is a 4wd]just unplug the wiring harness,remove the bolt that holds it in place,then pull it out.Its hard to pull it out,and the sensor material gets very delicate,it can break,so do it carefully.

The details are as follows :---

first remove the caliper then the caliper bracket(less weight and more room when separated but not necessary to separate).
After that you have to remove the rotor-you will see the sensor sticking with the wire on it-remove the Allen bolts and ROTATE the sensor to break it free in the knuckle then CAREFULLY slide it up(they do break)

To remove it properly,without damaging here is the procedure for safe sensor removal:----
You will have to rotate it and push on the disc cover a little but the sensor will come out with out disconnecting it or breaking it if your patient-then uses a flat file and plane the knuckle where the mounting surface of the sensor clean and flat-use cotton to plug the hole first to keep metal from getting into the hub bearing.
Before re-installing new sensor, Dont forget to clean the rust from the sensor and the rotor to hub mounting area so you don't wind up with a brake vibration from excessive rotor run out.

If you have diagnostic scanner to confirm the fault its better.The scanner makes it simple,it confirm if sensor is faulty or not.

If you have a scanner you can watch the speed sensor literally drop out-
Actually the process is as follows:--- When the magnetic field of the sensor to the regulator ring changes as the sensor is lift by the rust and can not generate a voltage at lower speeds.
To check with out a scanner is hard to do since spinning a tire by hand the same speed is hard to do when trying to compare voltages at a given rpm.
Important Note:--- Before you get to deep into it- check to make sure the hub bearings are not loose and worn .

These details will help.

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