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Power seat will not go Forward

 Power seat will not go forward or backward

On many of such cases its seen that some metallic object or nail gets stuck in the movement of the seat. There is a coin stuck in the track if you here the motor click and that needs to be removed to fix this issue.
So properly inspect the seat track where it goes forward and backward.

If that is not the case then another common issue is that the  seat track buttons on the side of seat are damaged or the actual seat track motor is bad and will need to be replaced. These are the next steps. You can get the parts from a salvage yard to save some money.But always buy branded parts rather then aftermarket part's./


These simple trick which i will share with you guys is tried on Chevy trailblazer and Buick cars.

On both these cars the same problem was noticed on few of our customers.

The Powered driver seat will not go Forward,but all other Power seat functions worked.

We at our garage tried all possible things to solve the problem.We tried new motor,tested the seat with new fuse.All seat functions were working outside,but once the seat was assembled in car,the forward and backward functions will not work.

So with the help of lamp we looked underneath the seat mechanism.
When I looked underneath the seat, and noticed there appeared to be a threaded pole sticking out of the front power coil. And that seems to be stuck. This little threaded pole thingy doesn't seem to be seated in all the way and that was causing the blockage in seats forward and backward movement.

If you carefully see underneath its the little silver metal piece that sits inside the track that has the rods connected to it.These are the rods  which go into the motor. Either both or maybe one rod is stuck and will not move forward or backward.

What we did is we took our normal size Auto garage tool  hammer and with the help of that hammer  tapped on the back of the track that slides back/forth the top track is "attached" to the seat.Slowly slowly the track showed some movement and seat got moved in forward direction and then it used to work perfectly.After few days one move check came to our shop for the same exact problem,and these time we solved the issue for customer in just a minute.
Then later on till date,we received more then 50 cars and all with same types of issue and in case the mid sized hammer was the main tool to solve the power seat stuck up issue.

It is the white metal piece on the outboard track seems to freeze up give a light tap  on the silver colored metal piece and it will slide in and the track gets align with the seat.


The issue was same,in these case the seat was moving forward and backward but was not moving completely forward or completely backward.
At our garage we inspected all possible ways to move the seat front and back.
The seat tracks were clear and nothing was blocking it.

Finally we tried the seat reset procedure and that helped.
We thought it was something serious,but these basic reset procedure helped.

If you anytime get stuck up,try these reset procedure,before going for any major repair or troubleshooting :--

This procedure is to reset the seat memory.. First move it all the way back as much as it can, then move it down, & level, then set for the number driver you are, then insert key, start it, shut it off, then set it to your own settings and try it again.

These will help.

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