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How to replace Coolant Temperature Sensor?

Coolant Temperature Sensor Operation:

This sensor monitors the temperature of the engine and sends that information to the engine control computer to regulate the amount of fuel needed. More fuel is needed if the engine is cold; less if it's hot. If the temperature is extreme, the signal will be sent to the temperature gauge as a visual indicator of overheating and imminent danger.

See below how this sensor looks:---

Inspect the sensor's wires and connections. ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor problems are often caused by faulty wiring or loose or corroded connections rather than the failure of the sensor itself.

If the wires or connections are bad, replace them. If you think the sensor is defective, it should be tested.

Never apply an open flame to an ECT (engine coolant temperature) or IAT (intake air temperature) sensor for test purposes. This action will damage the sensor.
A defective ECT sensor may cause some of the following problems:
  • Hard engine starting
  • Rich or lean air/fuel ratio
  • Improper operation of emissions devices
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Improper converter clutch lockup
  • Hesitation on acceleration
  • Engine stalling
The ect sensor may be removed and placed in a container of water with an ohmmeter connected across the sensor terminals. a thermometer is also placed in the water. when the water is heated, the sensor should have the specified resistance at any temperature. if the sensor does not have the specified resistance, replace the sensor.

The wiring to the sensor can also be checked with an ohmmeter. With the wiring connectors disconnected from the ECT sensor and the computer, connect an ohmmeter from each sensor terminal to the computer terminal to which the wire is connected. Both sensor wires should indicate less resistance than specified by the vehicle manufacturer. If the wires have higher resistance than specified, the wires or wiring connectors must be repaired.
Before disconnecting any computer system component, be sure the ignition switch is turned off. Disconnecting components may cause high induced voltages and computer damage.
With the sensor installed in the engine, the sensor terminals may be backprobed to connect a digital voltmeterto the sensor's terminals. the sensor should provide the specified voltage drop at any coolant temperature.

Voltage drop specifications for an ECT sensor.
Some computers have internal resistors connected in series with the ECT sensor. The computer switches these resistors at approximately 120° F (49° C). This resistance change inside the computer causes a significant change in voltage drop across the sensor, as indicated in the specifications. This is a normal condition on any computer with this feature. This change in voltage drop is always evident in the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

Because ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor procedures vary depending upon their location, first locate the part. You may need to partially drain the engine coolant to prevent coolant spillage.
  • Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Unplug the ECT.
  • Then, unscrew it.
  • Reverse the removal procedures to install the new part.
  • Connect the negative battery cable to the battery.

This details will help.

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