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Crankshaft Position Sensor servicing and replacement procedure?

How to service crankshaft sensor and how to replace crankshaft position sensor.

For complete details the procedure is as follows :----

The following procedure can be considered a general procedure for most vehicles. Refer to the service manual for the procedure for you vehicle.
Crankshaft Sensor Adjustment on a General Motors Single Slot Sensor
If a single slot crankshaft sensor requires adjustment, follow this procedure:
Always be sure the ignition switch is off before attempting to rotate the crankshaft with a socket and breaker bar. If the ignition switch it on, the engine may start suddenly and rotate the socket and breaker bar with tremendous force. This action may result in personal injury and vehicle damage.
  • Be sure that the ignition switch is off.
  • Then rotate the crankshaft with a pull handle and socket installed on the crankshaft pulley nut.
  • Continue rotating the crankshaft until one of the interrupter blades is in the sensor and the edge of the interrupter window is at the edge of the defector on the pedestal.
  • Insert a crankshaft adjustment tool between each side of the blade and the sensor.
  • If the tool does not fit between each side of the blade and the sensor, adjustment is required.
  • The gap measurement should be repeated at all three blades.
  • If the sensor adjustment is necessary, loosen the pinch bolt and insert the adjusting tool between each side of the blade and the sensor.
  • Move the sensor as required to insert the gauge. Tighten the sensor pinch bolt to 30 in.lb. (3 to 7 Newton meters (N?M).
  • Rotate the crankshaft and recheck the gap at each blade.

To remove the sensor:
  • Disconnect the wiring harness.
  • Unbolt the sensor mounting bolt.
If the crankshaft timing sensor or the camshaft reference sensor is removed, follow this procedure when the sensor is replaced:
  • Thoroughly clean the sensor tip and install a new spacer on the sensor tip. New sensors should be supplied with the spacer installed.
Spacer on crankshaft timing sensor and camshaft position sensor.
  • Install the sensor until the spacer lightly touches the sensor ring, and tighten the sensor mounting bolt 105 in.lb.

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