Friday, February 10, 2012

Xbox has sound but no picture? No picture on Xbox? Xbox gives only sound?

Many Xbox users notice this types of problems.

This is a very frustrating problem and there are quite a few possible causes for this failure to happen with the Xbox. You can spend hours on the internet looking for an answer to this issue.

However, thankfully there is one very simple solution that is often overlooked when this problem occurs and I am writing this tip so that anyone who has this issue can check this out as first step in resolving the problem before moving on to anything else.

On the actual cable that connects to the XBox there is a little HD switch right on the side of the connector. If this little switch is in the HD position and your TV is non HD you will end up with sound and no picture!!!

Therefore please check this cable  to ensure that it is in the position that is correct for your TV set.

If this does not resolve your problem please work through the following steps.

1) You should reset the resolution of the console to 640 x 480. See this link for a simple explanation on how to do this

2) If after this you still do not have a picture - disconnect the cable that is shown in the picture above and then also remove the power cord for a total of five seconds.

3) Reconnect the cables - turn on the console and see if you have a picture.

These are the main steps you can take to troubleshoot the sound but no picture problem. If these fail then there is a component failure and your console will need to be returned for a service repair.

Please note: There are reports of people using a method known as the 'blanket method' whereby the console is wrapped in a blanket and then it is forced to overheat in an effort to melt any solder in the circuit that may be causing a dry joint. 

I strongly recommend against using this so called 'blanket method'.

This is due to the risks of fire hazard and the strong likelihood that you will end up causing even more damage to your console for something that is at best a temporary fix. 

If your console continues to have display problems after working through this troubleshoot have the unit checked by an authorised technician.

This will help.

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