Friday, February 10, 2012

Automatic shredders will not turn OFF?

Automatic shredders running non stop or its not turning ON.

In most instances, a shredder that continuously runs isn't broken, it merely needs some TLC. Most shredders, contain two tiny sensors near the paper entry area. These sensors are designed to shoot signals back and forth enabling the shredder to turn itself on when paper enters the machine. After the paper has made it through, the sensors then tell the machine to shut off.

Sometimes these sensors can malfunction. This can happen when oil, paper dust, or debris covers the sensors. Covered-up sensors essentially tell the shredder that paper is entering it, thus causing it to continuously run. While this problem can occur in both cross- and strip-cut machines, it tends to happen more often in cross-cut units because those units are oiled more frequently and create more paper dust than strip cut units.

THE FIX: wipe the debris or oil or ink off the sensors. Here's how to do it:

1. Unplug your shredder and look for the sensors in the paper entry area. In the center of the opening, there will be two things that look like marbles - these are what you're looking for. (Please note - if your shredder has a safety flap over the cutting mechanism, you may have to lift it to find the sensors.)

2. After you've found the sensors, use a slightly damp cotton ball or Q-tip to clear away any oil or paper dust. You can use a small pair of needle-nose pliers or tweezers to clear away any large chunks of debris.

If your machine is a model that lacks the electronic sensors - such as a smaller deskside shredder designed for home use - you can still fix the problem on your own because those machines have mechanical sensors. These are also located in the middle of the paper entry and they look like small plastic dividers. (In most of these models, the sensors are white, but they could also be gray or black.) The sensors are depressed when paper enters the machine, which causes it to start shredding. Oncethe paper is gone, the machine stops.

1. Sometimes bits of paper can weigh down on the sensors, thus causing themachine to run non-stop. But it's easy to clear up this problem by doing the following:

2. Unplug the shredder and locate the sensors.

Remove any debris. Use tweezers or pliers, if necessary, but be careful to not press down too hard on the sensors to avoid damaging them.

Once again, after you remove the debris, plug your machine back in and you should be up and running.

This details will help.

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