Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Satellite Notebook mainboard?

If you tried cleaning the RAM and Battery.But that is not helping to resolve the issue then .........
First confirm does it run on the battery or is the battery dead if so test your ac adapter with a mutimeter to see if there is any output the output should be listed on the adapter,if no output your adapter has failed and you can find one on ebay for a reasonable price,if the power adapter is fine then your mainboard power circuit has failed ,and the cost can be very high to repair or replace your mainboard,again you could try ebay if you need a new main board.

Also try this Remove the battery out.Now just connect the Adapter to the laptop and insert adapter to power outlet and turn it on.Now see is it turning ON.If no then main board is the issue.
But if it turns ON,then its battery issue.Replace the faulty battery.

One of the other user has the same problem on Toshiba A100 notebook.
He tried one procedure and his problem got solved.To go through that procedure,click the link below :-----


This will help.

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