Friday, February 10, 2012

Toshiba laptop will not turn ON? Laptop unresponsive? Toshiba laptop complete dead?

This is a nice simple solution to a problem commonly experienced with Toshiba laptops or notebooks. Please remember this is not a guaranteed solution as there may be other factors involved as to why your laptop is failing to start e.g faulty RAM. 

However, this is a very common issue that appears with these laptops and hence the reason for the Tip. It is very simple to do, involves no cost and often resolves the problem without any further intervention.

If your Toshiba laptop has mysteriously turned itself off and is now totally unresponsive or appears completely dead and won't turn back on - then read on.

  • Laptop mysteriously turns itself off and will not turn back on
  • Laptop appears completely dead/black screen/unresponsive
  • Laptop refuses to charge the battery when connected to the mains supply i.e. No charge light showing.
  • There may be a brief flash of the screen or power button when you try to turn it on but then it immediately shuts off again.
  • If the laptop is still connected to the mains unplug it completely
  • Remove the battery from underneath the machine by releasing the locking tabs (or screws dependant on your version).
  • *Important*: With the battery removed - press and hold down the power button forat least 20 seconds. This is to remove any residual power from the laptop.
  • Reinstall the battery and plug the laptop back in to the mains.
  • Turn laptop on as normal and hopefully it should power up.

As stated at the outset, in some instances there will be other reasons as to why your laptop is not turning on. However, because these symptoms are a common yet often overlooked problem with this laptop, it is highly recommended to troubleshoot this procedure first before resorting to testing or replacing any hardware.
f the problem has failed to resolve using this simple step then click the link below for hardware troubleshoot problem ..........

This will help.

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