Friday, February 10, 2012

Laptop Will Not Turn On? Hardware troubleshoot for laptop?

This Tip is written to help you troubleshoot the common hardware issues that can cause your Laptop not to boot or start properly.

Sometimes a common cause of this non-start problem is found to be very easily resolved through steps I have outlined in a previous Tip.

Please view this link first
 to eliminate this as a potential issue before proceeding with this hardware troubleshoot.

If the issues persist after following those steps then a hardware problem is the main suspect here. Often this will be signified by a series of bleeps which are codes to indicate where the problem lies. 

The main faults associated with apparent non-start are;

- Faulty or improperly seated RAM.
- Power supply issues or problems.
- Faulty or improperly configured monitor.
- Faulty or badly seated Graphics Card.
- Faulty motherboard.

Problems beyond this will require specialist intervention and it is advisable to seek specialist technical help if all these steps have failed to resolve the issue.

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