Friday, February 10, 2012

Logitech Harmony Remote light will not turn OFF?

Does your Logitech Harmony Remote Control Glow Light / Backlight stay on and won't turn off?

The problem is the timing crystal.
This is a solid state component that is responsible for telling the remote when the light has been on long enough.
It is very common in these remotes for the timing crystal to fail, thus your glowlight stays on until the batteries are dead.

If your Logitech Harmony is under warranty, contact Logitech Support (1-866-934-5644) to have your remote replaced.

If you are handy with soldering solid state electronics, the part you want to replace looks like a capacitor. You can buy what you need from any electronic parts store or hobby shop, just ask for a 32.768KHz crystal.

This will help.

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