Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where is the pcv valve located on 2007 Duratec ford focus xr5?

its behind/under the intake manifold, and its a nasty job changing it out.If you are under the front looking into the engine compartment, you can see it easier than trying to find it looking under the hood. The problem is reaching it.

you have to remove the intake manifold to get to it.
 most models have the PCV valve located in the crankcase ventilation oil seperator, which is mounted lower on the engine.

you need to raise the vehicle, put it on jackstands, remove the splash-shield, remove the intake manifold for access to the PCV valve, disconnect the PCV hose on the valve at the seperator, Push in the two tabs, and twist the PCV valve out.

As per service manual it says that on all models, SPI/Zetec/Duratec to test the valve, shake it vigorously. If it doesn't rattle, replace the valve.
It's the blue thing and is behind the intake manifold.

See the image shown below :---

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This will help.

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