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How to Flush cars radiator?

Flushing coolant from radiator or getting radiator cleaned from dirt and junk getting settled in it.
First basic summary about radiator:----

Radiator and its related components:---
The radiator is the most important part of the entire cooling system, is the part that really move the excess heat produced by the engine to the atmosphere. The radiator is composed of several rows of small tubes in two containers, which collects coolant in it.You will see small fins are placed around the tubes.This small fins are  to direct air around the outside of the tubes and to help the heat transfer from the tubes to the outside air.
Radiator hoses:---
Hoses are the parts from where coolant comes into coolant and from where coolant flow out of radiator.
The flow of coolant is from  lower hose to water pump, through cooling passages in the engine and back through the upper hose and thermostat to the radiator.
Radiator cap:---
Coolant boils at a high temperature in radiator.The radiator cap is just to maintain the pressure of the radiator coolant from flowing out.And it maintains a positive pressure in the cooling system.


Basically there are two types of coolant used in cars.
1) Green anti-freeze(ethylene-glycol). And,
2) Dex-cool (extended life coolant).

Both coolants are good and has there benefits.

The green anti-freeze coolant is  most common type of anti-freeze used and used in most of the cars/trucks cooling system. 

The dex-cool coolant is orange in color and is supposed to last 100,00 miles.

This both coolants are to be added with 50--50 mixture.That is 50% water and another 50% is coolant.

Basically radiator flushing means,cleaning the corrosion settled in your radiator.
Previously coolant flush was considered as a  high pressure flushing system through your radiator.But now a days there are many chemicals introduced,to make coolant flush/cleaning very easy.This chemicals dilutes the rust/junk,goo,dirt collected and then minor radiator flush just cleans the radiator.But in some cases this dirt is so hard and in that cases flushing does not helps and radiator itself needs to be replaced.
So for long life of your radiator,change the coolant every 2 years. Just a simple drain and refill will add years to the life of your cooling system.Also inspect other small parts,which can also cause problems.The parts like radiator cap,heater hoses,radiator hoses and coolant passing line.If you notice problem with this parts,just get it replaced.

This details will help.

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