Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Replace Auto AC Condenser?

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The Condenser is a liquidizer;Its the component of a refrigeration system in which refrigerant vapor is changed to a liquid by the removal of heat.

Before replacing the condenser,its advisable to inspect the condenser.

Sometimes basic servicing/cleaning helps.For condenser servicing details.Check the link below:---

If its inspected that condenser is got faulty/worn out cracked,then yes it has to be replaced.
The AC Condenser replacing details are as follows :-----

  • Place the ignition switch in the "OFF" position.
  • Place a fender cover on the car to protect the finish.
  • Purge the system of refrigerant. Use the proper recovery equipment.
  • Locate the component that is to be removed for repair or replacement.
  • Remove access panel(s) or other hardware necessary to gain access to the component.
  • Remove the hood hold-down mechanism and any other cables or hardware that inhibit access to the condenser.
  • Remove the hot-gas line at the top of the condenser.
  • Remove and discard any O-rings.
  • Remove the liquid line at the bottom of the condener.
  • Remove and discard any O-rings.
  • Remove and retain any attaching bolts and/or nuts holding the condenser in place.
  • Lift the condenser from the car.
  • Install the new condenser by reversing these procedures.
Be sure to install new O-rings, if equipped, on the hot gas and liquid lines.
  • Leak test the system.
  • Evacuate the system.
  • Charge the system with refrigerant.

Its always advisable to know the AC components working and testing procedure,before replacing any part.
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This will help.


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