Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yamaha Receiver turns ON then goes OFF?

This issue is related to a power problem in as much as the receiver turns off on it's own.

The problem is consistent with overheating on the power supply board of the receiver. it might have worked fine in the past, but that's electronics for you. Power surge, irregular power supply, excess power supply, etc can affect the unit thereby making it to misbehave.

The power supply board of the receiver has few capacitors and IC. If any of these IC's gets short or become weak, it can cause the receiver to turn off on it's own.

When current passes from electric outlet to the power supply board of receiver. The current also goes to the weak/faulty part, then the current stops or slow and the board overheats and receiver shuts off on it's own.

To solve this issue, check the power supply board and read it with a meter and continuity tester, in order to detect the faulty part and replace the faulty part on the board which is short due to which power supply board

You can buy these capacitors at any Fry's or Radioshack store or you can order them online at vendors like "mcmelectronics.com"(look for electrolytic capacitors). After replacing these capacitor(capacitors) most likely the normal operation will be restored. Or you can by a refurbished complete power board from www.shopjimmy.com to save you some stress.

If you don't have the ability to read the fault, then you might be needing the help of a repairman or you can call a friend that has the ability to help you out.

This details will help.

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