Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Service Car AC Condenser?

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The Condenser is a liquidizer;Its the component of a refrigeration system in which refrigerant vapor is changed to a liquid by the removal of heat.

Before servicing the condenser,First inspect the condenser,this will help you to understand the problem with condenser:---

How to inspect Vehicles A/C Condenser?


Now go through the Service procedures:---

A manifolded condenser came out in the late 1980's. It cannot be flushed like the dual parallel condenser. It has its inlet and outlet on the same tube but has seams that separate about every five tubes down. Some manufacturers will not pay warranty time on a system flush but they will pay for a filter.
Flushing must be done with a liquid so grit is carried out. Do not use a vapor (shop air). Using 15 pounds of R-11 refrigerant was the old way that systems were flushed, before the hole in the ozone layer was discovered. Today, mineral spirits are often used for flushing. Mineral spirits are chemically related to mineral oil so they do not present a problem with the refrigerant on R-12 systems. They should not be used on R-134A systems.

This details will help.
Also if you have better understanding of other car AC cooling system parts,then it will help more to troubleshoot the problem.
Check the list below or more help.

Its always advisable to know the AC components working and testing procedure,before replacing any part.
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