Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Car Insurance?

Hello Techno agent. I am Paul.
I need to buy insurance for my Car.
Please answer my questions and clear my doubts. ---------

Yes Paul, Please ask your questions, I will try by best to help you out.

Paul:--- How to get car insurance online.

Agent:-- Buying car insurance online,is not very difficult.
There are many insurance providing websites online.Internet is the best source for getting this list of insurance companies.
Just search the the term "car insurance online purchase" and you will get list of online insurance providing sites.You can check out few sites and select one out of them.Basically you have to fill the form and they will confirm your policy.Please fill form with correct details,without any spelling mistakes.

Paul:--- My friend told me about insurance quotes.
From where should i get a car insurance quote online.

Agent:--- The procedure is same.Internet search is best option.
You can search the term "get car insurance quote online".
You will get list of top and famous insurance companies providing there policies and quotes.
There are famous companies like esurance car insurance,progressive car insurance,kanetix car insurance etc etc.
There are many more free insurance quotes providers online.

Paul:-- What are there charges to get free insurance quotes.
Agent:-- Its absolutely free.Please dont pay,if any site is asking you some fee to get insurance quotes.This quotes are absolutely free.

Ok.Thanks Agent. Will ask for more free help,if required.

Please note,before you buy a policy or think of buying a policy.Read and understand its rules and terms.Also get help of your local insurance agent and your CA.You CA will guide you for tax benefits of the policy.

Paul:-- Thanks for this additional info.
Will leave now.

Check this list for more help on car insurance:---

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