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How to test Cars AC System?

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Car AC system Testing is as follows :----
Never expose A/C refrigerant to open flame. A poisonous gas, phosgene or mustard gas, will result.
A/C Sytem Test
Testing Air Conditioning Efficiency
Before temperature and pressure tests, the following list of items should be met:
  • Set the temperature control to maximum cool and normal AC. Some manufacturers call for MAX AC so that recirculating air is used. Be sure to check the specifications.
  • Set the blower position to high.
  • The temperature inside of the car must be stabilized (not getting cooler).
  • Engine speed must be at least 1500 rpm to ensure adequate refrigerant flow.
  • The compressor clutch must be engaged.
Air Discharge Temperatures
This chart below shows a chart of expected air discharge temperatures at different outside temperatures. The vertical temperature readings refer to actual duct readings. The horizontal readings refer to the day's outside temperature.
A chart showing expected air discharge temperatures at different outside temperatures. Courtesy of Ford Motor Company.
The drop in the air's temperature as it passes through the evaporator should be at least 20°F. It is very difficult to tell how well A/C works on a cool day.
Rules of thumb:
  • With 70°F air entering the evaporator, expect about a 20°F drop in air temperature (50°F).
  • With 80°F air entering the evaporator, expect about a 25°F drop in air temperature (55°F).
  • With 90°F air entering the evaporator, expect about a 30°F drop in air temperature (60°F).
It is important that the hood be closed during this test. 
There are tests like :---
AC pressure test.
Leak detection test.

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