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How to Replace Front Bumper on Audi A4 and VW Passat?

Bumper is important part of car.If it gets damaged,the car looks old.Bumper is car body value.
There are many auto parts store,which deals with cars front bumper repair and car rear bumper repair.Always buy original auto parts,dont go for used auto parts online,if new brand part is easily available.
There are many non branded part stores,dealing with cheap car bumpers.But always buy original and branded parts.Local non branded auto parts are cheap,but they dont last long,like OEM original auto parts.

If you need dis-assembly or replacement instructions for any other auto/car part, or you want to ask question related to your car/truck jeep problem then please leave the comment with your details, so I can provide you the required instructions and solutions.

The procedure to remove car  bumper is as follows:----

Front Bumper

removal and installation
A4 & 1998-00 Passat Models
Remove the front bumper as follows:
  1. On A4 models, remove the left and right lower bumper air grilles by carefully prying them out of the bumper using a suitable pry tool that will not damage the painted surface of the bumper and remove the hex socket bolt securing the cover to the front bumper shocks.
  2. Remove the fasteners that secure the inner fender lining to the front bumper.
  3. On A4 models:
    1. Grasp the end of the bumper cover firmly at the wheel well and press down while pulling the top most portion outward to release the cover from the top of the plastic holding bracket.
    2. Then while pulling out on the upper portion of the cover, lift the bottom upward to fully release the bumper from the bumper side bracket.
    3. Access the front bumper mounting fasteners through the lower air intake opening and remove the bumper-to-bumper energy absorbing strut mounting fasteners with a 6mm hex tool.
  4. On Passat models, remove the turn signal assemblies by releasing the retaining spring and remove the fender cover mounting fastener.
  5. Using both hands, hold the area of the bumper securely where the inner fender lining fasteners were removed and pull down on the bumper firmly and pull the topmost portion of the bumper outward to release the bumper from the plastic mounting saddle. Then while pulling outward on the upper portion of the bumper, lift the bumper slightly, and pull the lower portion of the bumper outward to release the bumper from the bottom of the plastic mounting saddle.
  6. Carefully pull the bumper assembly forward away from the vehicle and place on a soft surface that will not damage the painted areas.
  7. Installation is in reverse order of removal noting the following;
  8. On A4 models, after installing the bumper cover-to-bumper shock fasteners, to seat the side of the bumper cover into the side brackets;
    1. Pull outward on the upper portion of the bumper cover and lift upward while pressing on the lower side portion of the bumper cover until it is seated in the bottom jaw of the bracket.
    2. Press down far enough on the bumper cover for the upper portion of the cover to properly align itself with the lower portion of the fender and rap the upper portion of the bumper cover sharply using the palm of your hand to seat the cover into the upper jaws of the bracket.
This details will help.
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