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How to Troubleshoot Vehicles AC Cooling Problem?

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Basically on every car,cooling problems is noticed some day.The AC will cool intermittently or noise noticed from Cooling system or problems like low cooling.
There are Vast number of possibilities ,for this problem.
The details mentioned below will help you:----

If the system is noisy:
  • A belt is loose, broken or frayed.
  • The clutch, clutch coil or clutch bearing is defective.
  • The compressor mounts or braces are loose.
  • An electrical connection is loose (causing a "chattering" clutch).
  • Refrigerant or oil is overcharged, or moisture is in the system. All cases require purging the system by a certified technician.
  • The system is leaking oil and/or refrigerant.
  • The blower fan is rubbing against the case, or the blower motor is defective.
If the system cools intermittently:
  • The electrical system contains a worn or loose wiring, an improperly grounded components, or a defective switch or control module.
  • The air conditioning blower motor, speed control, or resistors need replaced.
  • The A/C clutch coil is defective.
  • The A/C clutch is slipping due to wear or low voltage.
  • Belts are loose or broken.
  • The thermostat needs adjustment or is defective.
  • The high-pressure control, low-pressure control, or suction regulator needs replaced.
If the system does not provide sufficient cooling:
  • The circuit breakers are tripped or a fuse is blown. Check for other electrical system problems, such as broken, disconnected or corroded wires.
  • The A/C blower motor needs replaced.
  • The A/C clutch is slipping.
  • The A/C clutch coil is defective.
  • The thermostat is defective or needs adjustment.
  • The condenser needs to be cleaned.
  • The receiver-dryer, accumulator, or expansion tube or valve is clogged, requiring replacement.
  • A screen in the compressor, accumulator, expansion valve, orifice tube, or receiver-dryer is clogged. In some cases, the screen can be cleaned. In other cases, multiple parts may need to be replaced.
  • The system is leaking, requiring replacement of the expansion valve, shaft seal, or hoses.
  • The system needs refrigerant.
Check the tension and condition of the air conditioning drive belt. If the belt is not a serpentine belt, it probably requires higher tension than the other V-belts. Air conditioning compressors use a good deal of power when they run. A V-belt that has been allowed to slip will be glazed and will no longer hold the pulley, even if properly tensioned.

Only EPA-certified technicians can purchase R-12 refrigerant, since proper recovery and recycling techniques are required to prevent damaging the environment. Improper disposal of R-12 refrigerant can result in a fine.
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