Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to test and replace Vehicles A/C Clutch Coil?

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Before testing the Ac Clutch coil,its necessary to understand,what the clutch coil is:----
A unit consisting of many windings of wire fastened to the front of the air conditioning compressor. When current is applied, a magnetic field is set up that pulls the armature into the rotor to engage the clutch. Also known as clutch field.

First of all

  • Check the coil for loose connections or cracked insulation.
  • If the system is noisy or if the system cools intermittently, you may have a defective clutch coil.

To confirm clutch coil is problem.
  • Hook up a 12-volt battery to the clutch coil with an ammeter in series and a voltmeter in parallel.
  • Compare the voltage and amperage to specifications. Generally, if the coil draws more than 3.2 amps at 12 volts, then it needs to be replaced. If it draws 0 amps, check the electrical connnections before replacing it. Always refer to the service manual for the exact specifications for the compressor type and vehicle.

If its checked out faulty,then replace the AC clutch coil.
The procedure is as follows :----
  • Remove the a/c compressor unit from the car.
  • Remove the a/c pulley/rim.
  • Scribe the location of the coil housing with relation to the compressor body to ensure proper alignment during reassembly.
  • Using snap ring pliers, remove the coil housing retainer ring.
  • Some coils attach using a snap ring or shaft key, or lock into place with a tab. Others require a special tool to install.Lift the field coil from the compressor.
  • Note the location of the coil electrical connection and install it in the same position.


This details will help you.
Its always advisable to know the AC components working and testing procedure,before replacing any part.
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