Thursday, November 17, 2011

Manual Transmission Clutch System Failures?

On old model vehicle prior to 1970S the life of clutch was 50,000 to 60,000 miles .That much  usage was considered a good life span for a clutch.But now in modern cars the clutch and its components quality and durability has increased more.On latest cars the life of clutch is near to 80,000 miles,on some cars,it even increases to 10,0000 miles.

Not in all cases,but in some cases the clutch failure is not due to clutch components,but its due to drivers driving habits.Rough and rash driving can cause clutch failure.Not getting car serviced at regular intervals can can cause clutch and other components problem.So all in all,it depends on how you take care of your car.
Some clutch failures are not caused by a component of the clutch system, so just removing and replacing clutch components will not solve the problem of premature failure.In some cases, fixing the problem means changing your driving habits.

This is the list of basic clutch complaints noticed by the car users:---
1. No release- will not shift.
2. Clutch Slipping.
3. Clutch chatters or shudders and makes noise.
4. Noise from clutch.
5. The vehicle will not move.

There are many possibilities,but this are commonly noticed when clutch problems are caused.

In some cases to trouble the clutch related problem,you need to get it inspected by proper automotive mechanic.

In some cases,you can troubleshoot the problem.
This points will help you.
when was last time clutch replaced in your vehicle?
If its more then 50,000 miles then,yes clutch problems will be noticed.

Did you yourself replaced it or got it replaced by mechanic?
Not on all,but on some hydraulic clutch system,there is a adjustment.If that adjustment is not done properly,the clutch will show the problem.

If  its a hydraulic clutch system, check for hydraulic leaks at the slave cylinder or the master cylinder. If either is leaking, they should be replaced. If the problems is non-release, replacing these components could correct the problem.

some clutch problems are easy to trace,but in some cases it takes long hours.So its advisable to try till your capability,if its out of that,then getting help of proper car mechanic is very much advisable.



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