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Engine cooling components working?

In vehicles engine,this are the parts below
1) Thermostat.
2) Radiator and Radiator cap.
3) Radiator hose.
4) Heater core.
5) Coolant.
6) Water pump.
7) Heater hoses.
8) By pass hose.

Most of the car engines consists of this parts in there cooling system.In any of this parts gets weak/faulty or dirty.You will notice problem in your cars engine cooling performance.

Continue reading,if you like to know,how this listed components works and functions.This detail will let you understand each component.

1) Thermostat: ---
The thermostat closes the main path of the hot coolant to return to radiator.This directs the coolant through the heater core & back of the engine to reach normal operating range of the engine temperature.Once reaches normal temperature, the thermostat opens. At this point, the refrigerant begins to flow over the radiator hose to the radiator. This feature makes the heater generates heat faster, & allows the engine to warm up more quickly.
Replacing thermostat is not a big deal.Its one of the cheapest component in car engines cooling components.
In most cases, when a customer discovers a problem with engine overheating, faulty thermostat is the reason "It 's probably the thermostat." This is the law of nature. The thermostat work is to prevent the return pass of coolant to the radiator until the engine warms up to operating temperature. Then the thermostat opens and coolant around.

To confirm the thermostat is working properly, inspect the radiator hose radiator hoses.If it gets hot and the coolant flows freely at the top of the radiator, so that the thermostat is opening.But if the pipe is cold to the touch, so that its index of faulty thermostat.

2) Radiator and its related components:---
The radiator is the most important part of the entire cooling system, is the part that really move the excess heat produced by the engine to the atmosphere. The radiator is composed of several rows of small tubes in two containers, which collects coolant in it.You will see small fins are placed around the tubes.This small fins are  to direct air around the outside of the tubes and to help the heat transfer from the tubes to the outside air.
Radiator hoses:---
Hoses are the parts from where coolant comes into coolant and from where coolant flow out of radiator.
The flow of coolant is from  lower hose to water pump, through cooling passages in the engine and back through the upper hose and thermostat to the radiator.
Radiator cap:---
Coolant boils at a high temperature in radiator.The radiator cap is just to maintain the pressure of the radiator coolant from flowing out.And it maintains a positive pressure in the cooling system.

3) By pass hose:---
The bypass hose is the part which allows small portion of the coolant to circulate when the thermostat is closed. On some engines there is no bypass hose.Instead of that they have bypass passage that is part of the engine cooling jacket. Not much to go wrong, unless the hose develops a leak.

4) Coolant: ---
Most cars use a 50-50 mixture of ethylene glycol and cooling water, which also provides anti-icing and anti-corrosion. In extreme cases, cold climates, a mixture of up to 70% of antifreeze to water is used by 30%. Do not try to run your car on pure antifreeze. The engine overheats.Its advisable to use distilled water.If distilled water is used to mix.The corrosion will be less.

5) Water pump :---
The purpose of the water pump is to provide the force that moves the coolant in the engine as system.On the common problem of leakage is noticed.That appear in small hole, which can be easily seen by the shaft if you look closely . This leakage is not a problem if you make sure you reload the system on a regular basis.

6) Heater core:---
Heater core is the part that is used to heat the air inside the car. At the core of process heater heating, hot coolant flows through the tubes and the air is directed through the fins, the heat absorbs and then go to the cabin or defrost vents to the windshield.If a minimal heat is noticed from heater then heater core is plugged or blocked.Its advised to inspect heater core.

Heater hoses:---
Hoses are the part that transports coolant to and from the heater core. If you notice coolant is not going to or coming out of heater core then look for leaks at the hose clamps where they connect to the heater core and the engine.

This are components ,of the engine cooling system.If you notice engine overheating or no heat problem in car then go through the list of engine components.This will help you to confirm what is faulty.So you can get the faulty part repaired or replaced.As per requirement.

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