Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Replace Vehicles A/C Compressor and Clutch Components?

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Its not very easy to replace cars AC components like compressor and clutch assembly.
But yes,with proper procedure it can be performed.

The basic details are as follows:----
Before you continue:---
Only EPA-certified technicians can purchase R-12 refrigerant, since proper recovery and recycling techniques are required to prevent damaging the environment. Improper disposal of R-12 refrigerant can result in a fine.

a system with r-12 refrigerant can be Retrofit to use r-134a refrigerant.
Parts of the clutch and compressor.
  • Purge the system of refrigerant (If your car uses R-12 refrigerant, this step should be perform by an EPA-certified technician for proper recovery and recycling).
  • Disconnect the battery ground cable.
  • Remove the inlet and outlet hoses or the service valves from the compressor.
  • Remove the clutch lead wire.
  • Loosen and remove the belt(s).
  • Remove the mounting bolts from the compressor brackets and braces and lift the compressor from the car.
  • Remove the compressor and clutch assembly.
  • Remove the pulley and bearing assembly.
Shaft Seal
  • Using snap-ring pliers, remove the seal retaining snap ring.
  • Remove the seal seat using the seal seat remover and installer.
  • Remove the seal, using the seal remover tool.
  • Remove the shaft seal seat O-ring using the O-ring remover.
  • Flush the seal cavity with refrigeration oil.
  • Coat the new seal parts with refrigeration oil.
  • Install the new shaft seal O-ring. Make sure it is properly seated in the internal groove. Use the remover tool to position the O-ring properly.
  • Install the seal protector or dust cover on the compressor crankshaft.
  • Lubricate the part liberally with clean refrigeration oil.
  • Place the new shaft seal in the seal installer tool and carefully slide the shaft seal into place in the inner bore.
  • Rotate the shaft seal clockwise until is seats on the compressor shaft flats.
  • Rotate the tool counterclockwise until it seats on the compressor shaft flats.
  • Rotate the tool counterclockwise to remove the seal installer tool.
  • Remove the the shaft seal protector.
  • Place the shaft seal seat on the remover/installer tool and carefully reinstall in the compressor seal cavity.
  • Replace the seal seat retainer.

Directly before replacing,your cars AC components,its advisable to inspect and test the components.This helps you to understand the problem.
If you have not performed any test,then please check out this direct links to help you out.The list is as follows :----