Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Best auto insurance quote?

Hello Techno agent. I am Jimmy.
I need to buy insurance for my Car.
Please answer my questions and clear my doubts. ---------

Yes Jimmy, Please ask your questions, I will try by best to help you out.

Jimmy:-- My current insurance policy is ending soon,so my friend,who is a tutor,told me to buy policy from any other insurance provider.He told me,that my current policy provider is not getting me proper benefits for the insurance and his policy is not giving full cover on all aspects.So which is the Best car insurance company.

Agent:-- There is o one best,there are many best car insurance companies,worldwide,which provides good service globally,to their respective clients in there areas.Basically you need to get car insurance quote online.There are many companies which provides free insurance quotes online.
You need to first get the quotes,then decide,which one is best for you.

Jimmy:-- From where will get best car insurance quotes online.How will i know that this is best quote.

Agent:---You will  get car insurance quotes online.And to know what is best,you have to compare the quotes.Which quote is giving you more coverage and less cost,that is best quotes.
There are online sites like Money super market dot com  or car insurance quote dot net.
There are many more such sites,which will give you insurance quotes.
You check out few branded companies quotes for car insurance and then compare there rates.

Jimmy:--- What should i compare.

Agent:--- You have to compare the policy coverage.The coverage means,what will you car insurance policy cover.What benefit you will get.And what premiums you will have to pay,monthly or quarterly. Some company will give you more benefits ,but there premiums will be high.Whereas some companies will give you less benefits,but there premium will be less.Its upon you,what you like.

Jimmy:-- Ok,but what most of car insurance buyers select.

Agent:--- Most of car insurance buyers go for high premium,with most of coverage and heavy benefits.Always chose reputable companies,instead of third grade non branded local insurance companies.Famous companies have good contacts,they can provide you your claim on time.They give you good customer service.

Jimmy:--- Thanks Techno.You were great.I will ask for more free help,when i will choose selkect few policies.You guide me for the best one out of that.

Agent:--- Yes sure jimmy.I will.


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