Thursday, November 17, 2011

How does Vehicles Engine cooling system works?

The details mentioned below will help you to understand,how the engine's cooling system works.

Ideally, the cooling process keeps the engine jogging at its most efficient temperature no matter what the operating conditions are.The purpose of the engine's cooling process is to remove excess heat from the engine, to keep the engine operating at its most efficient temperature, and to get the engine up to the correct temperature as soon as feasible after beginning.

As fuel is burned in the engine, about one-third of the energy in the fuel is converted into power.
Another third goes out the exhaust pipe unused, and the remaining third becomes heat energy.
A method for cooling a certain type is necessary in any internal combustion engine.If no cooling method has been given,parts would melt from the heat of the burning fuel,and the pistons will expand as they could not move in the cylinders and the engine will seize.

Water-cooled engine cooling system comprising: a water jacket of engine, thermostat, water pump, radiator and radiator cap, fan (electric or belt driven), hoses, heater core, and the general expansion (overflow) tank.For these reasons, the cooling process is designed to stay out of the action until the engine is warmed up.

On the other hand, if an engine runs at low a temperature, it is inefficient, the oil gets glutinous (adding wear and subtracting horsepower), deposits form, and fuel mileage is poor-- not to mention exhaust emissions!

Engines cooling system consists of following parts.

Radiator,radiator hoses,radiator car,thermostat,coolant/refrigerant,bypass hose,heater core,heater hoses and water pump.

This all parts helps to control cars cooling system.


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