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How to Remove Door Panels on Acura Integra?

The procedure is as follows :---

Door Panels


This is a general procedure. Depending on vehicle and model, the order of steps may need to be changed slightly.
  1. Remove the inner mirror control knob (if manual remote) and remove the inner delta cover from the mirror mount.
  2. Remove the screws holding the armrest and remove the armrest. The armrest screws may be concealed behind plastic caps which must be popped out with a non-marring tool.
  3. Remove the surround or cover for the inside door handle. Again, find the hidden screw; remove it and slide the cover off over the handle.
  4. If not equipped with electric windows, remove the window crank handle. This can be tricky, but not difficult. Install a piece of tape on the door pad to show the position of the handle before removal. The handle is held onto the crank axle with a spring clip shaped like the Greek letter Omega. The clip is located between the back of the crank handle and the door pad. It is correctly installed with the legs pointing away from the length of the crank handle. There are three common ways of removing the clip:
  5. Use a door handle removal tool. This inexpensive slotted and toothed tool can be fitted between the crank handle and the door panel, and is used to push the spring clip free.
  6. Use a rag or piece of cloth and work it back and forth between the crank handle and door panel. If constant upward tension is kept, the clip will be forced free. Keep watch on the clip as it pops out; it may get lost.
  7. Straighten a common paper clip and bend a very small J-hook at the end of it. Work the hook down from the top of the crank and engage the loop of the spring clip. As you pull the clip free, keep your other hand over the area. If this is not done, the clip will vanish to an undisclosed location, never to be seen again.
  8. In general, power door lock and window switches mounted on the door pad (not the armrest) may remain in place until the pad is removed. Some cannot be removed until the door panel is off the door.
See Figures 1 and 2
Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. Fig. 1: View of some of the electrical connectors which may have to be detached for panel removal-3.5RL shown

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. Fig. 2: Typical door panel removal and retainer location-Integra shown
  1. If the car has manual vertical door locks, remove the lock knob by unscrewing it. If this is impossible (because they're in square housings) wait until the panel is lifted free.
  2. Using a broad, flat-bladed tool (not a screwdriver) begin gently prying the door pad away from the door. You are releasing plastic inserts from plastic seats. There will be 6 to 12 of them around the door. With care, the plastic inserts can be reused several times.
  3. When all the clips are loose, lift up on the panel to release the lip at the top of the door. This may require a bit of jiggling to loosen the panel; do so gently and don't damage the panel. The upper edge (at the window sill) is attached by a series of retaining clips.
  4. Once the panel is free, keep it close to the door and check behind it. Disconnect any wiring for switches, lights or speakers which may be attached.
Behind the panel is a plastic sheet, taped or glued to the door. This is a water shield and must be intact to prevent water entry into the car. It must be securely attached at its edges and not be ripped or damaged. Small holes or tears can be patched with waterproof tape applied to both sides of the liner.
To install:
  1. When reinstalling, connect any wiring harnesses and align the upper edge of the panel along the top of the door first. Make sure the left-right alignment is correct; tap the top of the panel into place with the heel of your hand.
  2. Make sure the plastic clips align with their holes; pop each retainer into place with gentle pressure.
  3. Install the armrest and door handle bezel, remembering to install any caps or covers over the screws.
  4. Install the window crank handle on vehicles with manual windows. Place the spring clip into the slot on the handle, remembering that the legs should point away from the long dimension of the handle. Align the handle with the tape mark made earlier and put the crank over the end of the axle. Use the heel of your hand to give the center of the crank a short, sharp blow. This will cause the crank to move inward and the spring will engage its locking groove. The secret to this trick is to push the crank straight on; if it's crooked, it won't engage and you may end up looking for the spring clip.
  5. Install any remaining parts or trim pieces which may have been removed earlier. (Map pockets, speaker grilles, etc.)
  6. Install the delta cover and the remote mirror handle if they were removed.


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