Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Access fender on Acura Integra?



See Figures 1 and 2
Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. Fig. 1: Open the door to gain access to one of the fender bolts

Click image to see an enlarged view
Fig. Fig. 2: Lift the fender off of the vehicle once all fasteners are removed
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Open the hood and support the hood with the prop rod.
  3. Remove the cowl vent panels.
  4. Remove the front fender splash shield(s).
  5. Remove the parking lamp(s).
  6. Unfasten the two front fender-to-front sidemember retaining screws
  7. Remove the screw at the base of the front fender body behind the wheel opening.
  8. Unfasten the screw from the rear of the front fender at the A-pillar.
  9. Remove the screws from the top of the fender along the top of the apron and front sidemember.
  10. Remove any shims as necessary.
  11. Remove the fender from the vehicle.
To install:
  1. Position the fender into place and finger tighten the screws (and shims if removed) on the top of the fender.
  2. Install the remaining screws (and shims if removed) finger tight.
  3. Align the fender and install shims if necessary to properly align the fender.
  4. Tighten all the fender retaining screws.
  5. Install the parking lamps.
  6. Install the front fender splash shields.
  7. Install the cowl vent panels.
  8. Lower the hood.
  9. Connect the negative battery cable.

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