Friday, November 18, 2011

Honda Accord water pump replacing details?

Replacing Honda water pump is not easy,
Very difficult. It is driven by the timingbelt and the belt also has to be replaced. It is a job for a professional mechanic and a little pricy. If the water has dripped on the tensioner it may also have to be replaced. I guess about $600.00 plus
If you opt to do it yourself,then get a repair manual.
The repair manuals that you can buy for about $20 are well worth it and cover this very well. The only caution I make is that you mark the pulleys, use a white finger nail polish so that you easily get them lined up correctly. Just one cog off and things are off. Great learning experience but you need some tools. Besides working in tight spaces, the bolt on the main pulley on the crankshaft can be tough to loosen.

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