Friday, February 10, 2012

How to replace power steering pump on Toyota Land cruiser?

The procedure to complete this tough task is as follows:----

  1. Disconnect the MAF meter connector.
  2. For this check this two links mentioned below :------ 
  3. Disconnect the hoses.
  4. Remove the clamp.
  5. Remove the 3 bolts and air cleaner assembly with air cleaner hose connected.
  6. Loosen the drive belt tension by turning the drive belt tensioner counterclockwise, and remove the drive belt.
  7. Remove the 2 clips and disconnect the 2 vacuum hoses.
  8. Remove the clip and disconnect the return hose.
  9. Remove the union bolt and gasket, disconnect the pressure feed tube.
  10. Remove the 2 bolts, nut, stud bolt and power steering pump assembly.
To install:
  1. Install the power steering pump assembly with the stud bolt.
  2. Tighten the stud bolt to 22 Nm (16 ft. lbs.)
  3. Install the 2 bolts and nut and tighten them to 44 Nm (33 ft. lbs.)
  4. Install a new gasket and the union bolt on the pressure feed tube. 
    Make sure that the stopper of the pressure feed tube contacts the power steering pump body as shown in the illustration.

    Click image to see an enlarged view
    Fig. Pressure feed tube positioning
  5. Tighten the union bolt to 46.5 Nm (34 ft. lbs.)
  6. Connect the return hose with the clip.
  7. Connect the 2 vacuum hoses and install the 2 clips.
  8. Loosen the drive belt tension by turning the drive belt tensioner counterclockwise, and install the belt.
  9. Install the air cleaner assembly with air cleaner hose and the 3 bolts.
  10. Install the clamp.
  11. Connect the MAF meter connector.
  12. Fill with power steering fluid and bleed the system.

For bleeding the power steering pump  system,click the link below :----

This will help.

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