Sunday, February 26, 2012

1993 Ford F350 wipers not working?

Wipers not working.
It can be the issue with wiper motor or wiper switch or wiper control wiring.

Try this ,turn the wipers on and see if you hear any kind of roaring or humming noise. Basically this comes from behind the glove box. Its like a clicking noise.
Also as you turn the intermediate wiper switch you can hear the same noise at ech setting.Try this
Can you hear any such noise.

Above the right kick panel on your truck, where the noise is comming from is the wiper govenor<delay module> which basisally it is the timer for the delay wipers. even though you are hearing this click I have rarely seen these go bad but I have replaced alot of wiper motors. On your wiper motor does it have two plugs or one big plug? There was an updated motor that came out in the late 90's switching the 2 plug to the single. You can try tapping the motor with a ratchet or small hammer to see if it will free up the brushes and on the two plug motor there is a goung that comes out of it and hooks to one of the mounting bolts, make sure that ground is good. if you have a test light check it to make sure, even though it may look good you have steel and alloys mixing which after they corrode causing bad connections. If you have the five wire ,i will give more details.

Basically as per 1993 Ford F350 model.
The motor is with two plugs.
Three mounting bolts with no ground.

You can remove the wiper cowl and make sure that the wiper linkage is broke or bound up causing this.

I suggest you to go through this wiring diagram for wiper components.


This will help.

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