Friday, March 2, 2012

How to remove the sump on VW Beetle?

The sump pan is fairly straight forward to remove.
Its held on by allen key bolts usually, there is no gasket , sealant is used to reseal sump to block, beware of the 2/3 allen key bolts that go up inbetween gearbox and sump dont forget them, on a ramp you could get sump down in about 45 min /1 hour, dont forget the oil pump.

The 1.6 VW engines are prone to the oil strainers blocking up in the sump causing lack of oil to the top end of the engine, if you remove the sump you can see the strainer with the guaze filter on it , i would advise you replace it with a new oil pump at the same time as they are in the same area, then change the oil and filter.

To remove oil drain plugs.
There are 2 types of drain plugs some you will just need 19mm socket and others you need a 8mm allen .

To remove the oil pan .........
Make sure you've taken out all of the 10mm bolts around the edge of the pan, especially the 3 that are hiding on the transmission side of the pan (these are easy to miss). Also make sure you have the 3 16mm bolts out of the transmission side. If you're sure you've got all the bolts out then just take a rubber mallet and beat on the pan or pry on it with a pry bar. Sometimes the sealant just sticks extra hard and makes it a pain to get the pan off..

If you look on the end of the pan closest to the transmission, if you look up at the end of the pan with a flash light you should be able to see the 3 bolts that are hiding. If you've already got all of the bolts out then the only thing to do is pry and hit it some more with the mallet. It will eventually come off. I've seen some pretty stubborn pans that take a lot of force to come off.

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