Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Bleed ABS system On Ford and Mercury?

Bleeding the ABS System procedure is same for both mercury sable and ford Taurus car models.

Its done by scan tool.

Specific to:
Ford Taurus 2008-2009
Mercury Sable 2008-2009

When any part of the hydraulic system has been disconnected for repair or installation of new components, air can get into the system and cause spongy brake pedal action. This requires bleeding of the hydraulic system, including the hydraulic control unit (HCU) after it has been correctly connected.

If the HCU or any component upstream of the HCU are installed new, carry out the brake system bleed procedure first without the scan tool, followed by the brake system bleed procedure using the scan tool.

This procedure is only required when a new hydraulic control unit is installed.

  1. Connect the scan tool and follow the ABS HCU bleed instructions.
  2. Follow the pressure bleeding or manual bleeding procedure steps to bleed the system.

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