Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chrysler 300 Aftermarket Radio Issue

Chrysler 300 Radio Problem

Car radio is one of the good entertainment source in the car,if it stops working getting it repaired becomes necessary.

Airbag Light Goes On And OFF After Replacing Radio

Aftermarket Radio installing Issue

After installing an after market radio on 2006 Chrysler 300. Now the airbag light goes on and off. If I change back to the factory radio the air bag light stays off.

Solution: A wiring Issue Or Non-Compatible Radio Unit:

There are few possibilities to be checked:

  • First make sure you got exact aftermarket radio,which is compatible for your car model.
  • If this for sure only happens with the aftermarket radio in place then most likely you have a wiring issue. 
  • The factory radio is on the CAN B communication bus to allow communication between it and other modules. 
  • If anything from the replacement radio is connected to the bus wires then it will take the bus down and could turn the airbag light on. 
  • If the wires are being pinched when the radio is in place and are shorting to ground it will also do it.

Things To Try:

The first thing I would do is remove the radio and find the white and white/orange wires that are next to each other in the original connector. Make sure these wires are not connected to anything.

Many-a-times several of the pins in the connector get bent; including the pins connecting the white and white/orange wires. Just check and straighten out the pins and all will get good.

This details wil help.

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