Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jeep Grand Cherokee Security system malfunction

Security System issue On Jeep

Problems Like 94 Grand Cherokee that will not start Due To Security Alarm Disabled.

Security alarm Getting Off

Alarm honking Intermittently

Jeep security Alarm Issues


Troubleshooting Vehicle alarm Issues:

As per the model and year of the vehicle this has only the factory security (VTSS) and not an aftermarket system?

Why The alarm goes Off?

Once VTSS is armed then the alarm will go off when it sees a door open without the system being disarmed (unlock button on the key fob or unlocking a door).

As Per The Problem
Most likely it is seeing one of the door ajar switches close and that is what is setting it off. It could be one of the front doors, but the problem is most often one of the switches on the liftgate. There is one for liftgate ajar and there is another for the flipper glass. Both switches are the same part number and interchangeable. If it has a vehicle information center sometimes you will see a liftgate ajar warning come across when the gate and glass are both closed.

Things You Can Try:
Make sure all doors, the liftgate and glass are closing properly. If they are then I would try disconnecting the flipper glass switch first and then the liftgate ajar switch and see if the problem goes away.

Can Be Issue With switches:

The system should have disarmed no matter what when you turned the key in the door. There is a disarm switch on the back of the lock cylinder that is wired to the VTSS module. These switches do fail and sometimes they fall off the cylinder. The next time it goes off try disarming from the passenger door of liftgate lock cylinder. The driver's door is the one most use and is usually the first to have a bad disarm switch.

Faulty VTTS Module

It's possible that the VTSS module is the cause of both issues also, but mostly I would say you probably have a bad flipper glass switch and an issue with the driver's disarm switch.

This Details will Help.


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