Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jeep Liberty Key Fob Works Intermittently

2006 Jeep Liberty Keyfob Problem

All problem Started after replacing ignition Actuator

The key fob works intermittently, and when the key is out, and the driver's door is opened, I get a warning chime, like the lights are on.

Did you replace the shaft that goes between the lock cylinder and the ignition switch? This is generally what is referred to as the ignition switch actuator.

There are few possibilities that can cause this problem:

Ignition Key:

  • The key fob will not lock the doors if the key is in the ignition, and clearly it thinks the key is still in. I believe you may find this is why the key fob seems to not be working all the time.

Check Actuator Rod:

  • The key-in chime turns on when the ignition switch sees the key is in the ignition. In the center of the actuator you replaced you should have noticed a white plastic rod, this runs from the lock cylinder, through the actuator and then into the center of the ignition switch. The key pushes on this rod and then the rod closes a switch in the ignition switch, then it knows the key is in.

Alignment Problem with Replaced parts:

  • Something happened during the repair and this white plastic rod is pushed into the ignition switch far enough that it thinks the key is in. Either there was an assembly issue or the new part is a little longer than it should be. What you'll need to do is start by removing the ignition switch and see if you can tell anything. If not, you can try inserting and removing the key to make sure this rod moves with it. If not then the problem has to be at the lock cylinder end or inside the new actuator.

At our garage once same problem was repaired ............

It appears that the white plastic rod was too long. Instead of cutting it, mechanic shimmed part that it goes into with a small washer and that resolved the problem.

This Will Help.

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