Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mechanical Failure in the Transmission

1999 LHS Chrysler Transmission Reverse Problem

Q: Multiple problem noticed while driving Chrysler

Seems like misfire
Noticed Stalling
Also Feels Like Ignition Miss
Stuck in park mode at times
Gearshift was hard to move
Has drive mode but no reverse mode

A: Unfortunately this is going to be a mechanical failure in the trans.

The Reasons And Possibilities For This Problem To Occur:

Transmission freewheeling:

  • It sounds like the trans was freewheeling when attempting to shift into second gear, and was then doing it in reverse. The reverse and 2/4 clutches both drive the same hub and use the same sun gear for torque output. If this hub failed in any way then it would cause a loss of second and reverse.

Vehicle Stuck up In Park Mode:

  • With your mention of it seeming like it was in park that tells me that the geartrain may have been locking up. Planetary geartrain failures on these transmissions weren't unheard of and would often result in the trans locking up.

Transmission Drop:

  • You can drop the pan and there is a good chance you will find a large amount of metal. Either way, the trans is going to need to be disassembled for inspection/repair or replaced, the problem is definitely an internal mechanical failure.
Bad Sensors:

  • If you had a bad input or output speed sensor or a solenoid issue it would cause it to stay in second gear and you would have reverse. 

Freewheeling such as yours is or a loss of reverse can only be caused by an mechanical failure inside transmission assembly.

A proper transmission repair shop tech need to inspect the transmission.

This will help.

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