Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chrysler Town & Country Alternator Problem

Chrysler Alternator Issue

Troubleshooting Chrysler Alternator Problem.
Alternator Controls Vehicle Charging System.

Problem With 2001 Town and Country  3.3L.
When van is in gear and at an idle, speedometer is jumping up to 30mph and back to 5mph. If you let the van roll and then press the gas pedal all is ok. if you try and start off from a dead stop, van coughs, jerks and then moves. If the Air conditioning is on it is twice as bad as when it is off.

Solution: First Check the Basics

First get the regular tune-up done for items such as spark plugs and wires? I have seen the jumping speedo in older vans, which was caused by poorly routed, and electrically leaking spark plug wires.

If Vehicle servicing tune is done and its not helping then,
You have a bad alternator that is inducing electrical noise into the output speed sensor signal and that's why the speedometer moves on it's own and these things are happening.

Easy Way To Confirm The Problem With Alternator:
Reach down on the back of the alternator and unplug the field connector. Start the engine and drop it in gear, you will almost surely see the speedometer stays at 0. If it stays at 0 with the alternator unplugged then replace it.

If Alternator checks out faulty then replace it.
Its better off replacing the alternator with a new or re-manufactured one rather than trying to repair the faulty alternator again. You should be able to pick up a re-manufactured alternator starting at about $150. Autozone service center carries them with a lifetime warranty for $170.

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