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Water Cooled Diesel Generator?

Go through this details to understand the working of water cooled diesel generators.
How to make diesel and use in cooling water maintained at a certain temperature or cooling it to play a normal role in the timely replacement of the water use cycle, in the course of the protection of diesel generator sets, will not make the unit temperature is too high, the following details
Use clean soft water
Soft water usually has rain, snow and water, these minerals contain less water, suitable for diesel engine use well water, spring water and mineral content of tap water is high, these mineral deposits prone to heat and water in the tank wall diesel generator sets and waterways wall material and the formation of scale and corrosion, deterioration of the diesel engine cooling capacity, easily lead to engine overheating by adding water to clean the water contains impurities water shut-off Road, increased wear of pump impellers and other parts if you use hard water softening treatment to be carried out, softening of the methods usually have heating and adding lye (caustic soda commonly used method
Do not add water after the first start
In order to facilitate starting of the diesel generator sets in the winter, or because of distant water sources, individual drivers often take water after starting the first method, this method is very harmful to dry after starting the engine, because the body is no cooling water, engine parts heat up quickly, especially cylinders cover and diesel injector water jacket outside the temperature is particularly high and, if you then add the cooling water, cylinder head and water jacket is easy due to quench cracks or deformation while the diesel engine temperature is too high, it will make a great damage for the diesel generator sets ,the engine should be lifted idling speed after the load, when coupled with the cooling water temperature is normal
Boil" when, to prevent burns
Tank "boil", do not blindly open the radiator cap to prevent burns correct approach is: first off the diesel engine idling for a while longer diesel generator sets the engine temperature decreases, the pressure dropped after the tank cover and then unscrew the screw when the water or wipe with a towel cloth car cover on the lid to prevent hot water, steam spray to the face, the body must not be the first tank is looking down on, unscrew the hand quickly withdrawn, to be without heat, steam, and then remove the radiator cap to prevent burns
Winter heating water
Cold winter, the diesel generator sets hard to start, if you can easily start in cold water before filling with water during or at the end of the increase of water did not start in time, the water in the tank room and into the water table prone to freezing, causing the water not circulating, crack filling up even the hot water tank, on the one hand can increase the temperature of the engine easy to start; the other hand, may try to avoid the freezing phenomenon
Antifreeze to quality
Antifreeze on the market of varying quality, many are shoddy antifreeze preservative free will within the severe corrosion if the diesel engine cylinder head, water jacket, radiator, water blocking ring, rubber and other components, while producing large scale, the engine cooling efficiency, resulting in engine overheating fault so be sure to use regular factory product.
Replenish water softener
After filling the tank antifreeze, if we find lower tank liquid level, to ensure no leakage under the premise of simply filling a clean soft water (distilled water better), because the general use of high boiling point glycol-based antifreeze , evaporation of the antifreeze in the water, do not need to add antifreeze and can only raise water softener is worth mentioning: do not soften the hard water without filling. This is a good way for the diesel generator sets to run well.
Timely discharge of antifreeze to reduce corrosion
Whether ordinary or long-acting type of antifreeze antifreeze, the temperature becomes too high, should be promptly released, thus preventing corrosion of parts to increase because of the preservatives added antifreeze with the use of time will gradually reduce or failure, even worse, some simply do not add preservatives, which will have a very strong corrosive effect for the diesel generator sets, and should therefore be released in time according to the temperature of antifreeze, and in response to cooling after the release of antifreeze Road to conduct a thorough cleaning
Water regularly, cleaning pipe
Frequently changes the cooling water is not recommended, because the cooling water use over time, the minerals have been precipitated, unless the water has been dirty, clogged pipes and radiators may be outside, do not easily replaced, because even if the new replacement of the cooling water through the softening, but also contains certain minerals, these minerals will deposit on the water jacket, etc. and the formation of scale, the more ground water exchange, precipitation of minerals, the more, the thicker scale, and should therefore be based on the actual situation periodic replacement of the cooling water cooling lines in the replacement should be cleaned, cleaning fluid in the diesel generator sets can be used caustic soda, kerosene and water, while the preparation and maintenance of the drain switch, especially in the winter before, the timely replacement of the damaged switch, not bolts, sticks, rags and other alternative
To open the radiator cap when the drain
Turn on the water if you do not open the radiator cap when the cooling water can flow though a part of, but with the reduction of water inside the radiator, because the tank closed, would produce a certain degree of vacuum, leaving the water flow slows or stops, do not turn on the water in winter due to the net The frozen parts
Should not immediately turn on the water at high temperature
Turn off the engine before, if the engine temperature is high, do not stop immediately turn on the water, the load should be shed to make it idle until the temperature dropped to 40-50 °C and then turn on the water when, to prevent contact with water cylinder, cylinder head, water cover the outer surface temperature due to a sudden sharp turn on the water and drop in a sharp contraction, and the temperature inside the diesel generator sets is also very high, shrinking small, vulnerable to large temperature difference between inside and outside leaving the cylinder block, cylinder head cracks
After the engine to idle winter drainage
In the cold winter, let the diesel engine cooling water should start the engine to idle after a few minutes, mainly due to turn on the water after the water pump and other parts may be some residual moisture, after starting again, the body of the diesel generator sets temperature can be dried by the water pump, etc. residual moisture, to ensure that the engine is no water in the pump to prevent freezing and tear caused by seal leakage phenomenon.
The above details will help you to understand the generator better.

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