Thursday, October 20, 2011

AC stops working when it gets warm outside?

Ac stops running on hot conditions this indicates few possibilities. Check the refrigerant level in the compressor of car ac.If its low then car will compressor will overheat and stops running. Also check the coolant level.If its low then it needs to be full.Also check if there any leak of the coolant.Get the ac pressure test done.It can be done at any local car garage.This will confirm whether there is refrigerant or coolant leak in the system causing the ac to stop after sometime.If coolant and refrigerant all checked OK.Then the thermostat needs to be checked.When the car temperature reaches certain temp the cooling fan turn on and cools the thermostat.But if the cooling fan stopping after ac turns off then thermostat needs to be checked.Also connect the fan connections to car battery and check if the fan is running directly.Check the voltage at fan terminals.It should show exact 12 volt.If less then that then fan is faulty and needs replacement.If fan tested OK then thermostat needs to be checked and replaced.Also check the coolant temperature sensor.If this sensor is not working then this will make the vehicle overheat and this will stop the ac and it stops running.

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