Saturday, October 29, 2011

main power and standby power of Diesel Generator ?

To know more about diesel generators,go through this details:---
The main power of diesel generator sets, also known as a long line of continuous power or power in the country, are generally used to identify the primary use of diesel power generating units, and in the international
Is the use of backup power, also known as the maximum power to identify a diesel generator on the market often irresponsible manufacturers as a continuous power with maximum power to introduce and sell
Sale of the unit, causing many users misunderstand the concept of the two.
Diesel generators in our country is the main power that is continuous with the nominal power to the generator set to 24 hours continuous use maximum power is called continuous
Power, and in a period of time, the standard is every 12 hours with 1 hour of continuous power overload on the basis of 10%, then the unit power is what we usually call
The maximum power that backup power, that is, if you purchased the unit primary 400kw Diesel Generator Set, then you within 12 hours, 1 hours to run to 440kw,
If you purchased the unit 400kw standby, if you do not overload are usually open at 400kw, in fact, the unit has been opened in the overload state (because the actual rated power unit
Rate of only 360KW), this unit is very unfavorable, will shorten the life of the unit and the resulting failure rate increased.

The Muffler of Diesel Generator SetFirst, the room started out silencer:
Each room has at least one or more of entry, from the mute point of view, the engine room door should not be too much, the general set up a gate, a small gate area as no more than 3 square meters, the structure of the metal as a framework, high-strength insulation material attached to the internal and external to the metal iron, the walls and door frames and door silencers work closely with up and down.
Second, the diesel engine air intake system, muffler:
Diesel engine work, should have sufficient intake to maintain normal operation of the unit, the general air intake system should be set in the unit opposite the fan exhaust port, based on our experience, the use of force into the air inlet means into the air through the air silencer slot is pumped into the engine room blowers.
Third, diesel engine exhaust system silencer:
Diesel engine water tank cooling system, fan, radiator heat must be discharged outside the room, outside the room to avoid noise Zhuanchu must set the exhaust silencer on the exhaust air duct system.
Fourth, outside the engine room exhaust system silencer:
Diesel exhaust duct for the exhaust silencer exhaust silencer after the noise outside the room is still high, the exhaust must be set up outside the room for air duct silencer silencer to minimize the noise, the silencer duct external to brick structure, the interior is sound-absorbing panels.
Fifth, diesel engine exhaust muffler system:
Emissions from diesel engines work a certain noise, emissions in units of the addition of a consumer speaker system, while the exhaust muffler pipe for fire-resistant mineral wool materials are to be wrapped, not only can reduce the heat to the engine room crew, and vibration can reduce the unit's work, so as to achieve noise attenuation purposes.
The above mentioned details will help you to understand your generators power system.

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