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PLC in Automatic Diesel Generator ?

To know benefits of PLC in automatic diesel generators.Go through the details mentioned below:---

Automatic Diesel Generator Set with PLC has many advantages, it is mainly controlled by software, thus eliminating the need for hardware development, little external circuit, greatly improving the reliability of the system and anti-jamming capability; because of its simple programmable program features without changing the system's external hardware connection, will be able to change the system control requirements, the system of "soft" greatly improved.
Main functions :
Automated Diesel Generator Set as a backup power supply, should have the following basic features:
(1) Automatic start
When the mains power failure (power failure, under-voltage, over-voltage, phase), the Diesel Generator Set can automatically start, auto-acceleration, automatic switch, power to the load.
(2) automatic shutdown
When the electricity returned and judged normal, control switch, complete power to the utility of automatic switching and control unit deceleration, idle running 3 minutes automatic shutdown.
(3) automatic protection
Unit during operation, if there is low oil pressure, over-speed, abnormal voltage failure, the emergency stop, and audible alarm signal, if there is a high temperature, high oil temperature fault. The audible alarm signal, through delay, the normal shutdown.
(4) three-start function
There are three units start, if unsuccessful the first time you start, the 10-second delay after the start again, if the second start is not successful, then the delay after the third start. Three times as long as there is a successful start on a pre-set program to run down; start three times if not successful, as a start-up failure, audible alarm, you can also control another unit start.
(5) starts automatically to maintain quasi-state
Diesel Generator Set can automatically maintain the quasi-active. At this point, the unit automatically periodic pre-oil system, oil and water, automatic heating system, automatic battery charging device to work.
(6) Power function with maintenance
When the Diesel Generator Set does not start when a long time, can be maintenance boot, to check the performance and status of the unit. Maintenance of power does not affect the normal electricity supply, in the maintenance of the boot if mains failure occurs, the system will automatically switch to normal power supply unit by the state.
(7) with manual and automatic modes of operation.
Control system hardware design
According to the automated Diesel Generator Set control requirements, required the PLC 11 input points, output points is 12. System is basically the amount of control switch, voltage and speed is only analog, in order to reduce costs, through the detection circuit can convert the analog switch, so that you can use without analog inputs of the PLC. The system chosen C28P-CDR-D small programmable logic controller, high reliability, small size, the input count of 16, the output points to 12. Power, input and output voltages are 24VDC.
Control system programming
When the automation unit switch to the automatic position, the Diesel Generator Set in a quasi-active. PLC of electricity for uninterrupted cycle of testing, pre-feed pump to the engine oil periodically road oil, diesel engine cooling water and oil temperature to ensure the emergency unit at launch. Start in the quasi-state, once the mains power failure occurs, under-voltage, over-voltage, and lack of equal fault, and after 5 seconds to confirm, PLc control unit automatically starts automatically increases the speed to the rated speed, automatic protection of investment. When the Diesel Generator Set is working properly, the control switch to switch to the power generation state, the unit switch on power to the load. When the electricity returned to normal, after a delay of 5 seconds to confirm, disconnect the unit output switch, toggle switch controls power to the city state, the unit automatically slow down to idle, normal operation automatically shut down after 3 minutes, the Diesel Generator Set in a quasi-active.
According to the automated process control units and input and output allocation table may be prepared as a PLC control ladder.
Using PLC control automatic Diesel Generator Set, simple hardware, technical and economic indicators is good, through the use of different units, high reliability, the program to make some modifications to meet the control requirements of different users.

The above mentioned details will help you to know and understand more about Automatic diesel generators.

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