Saturday, October 29, 2011

Large Power Generation?

Requirement of power is very much necessary.But how this power generating units actually working.If you know about this, then you can fulfill the requirements of power.Go through the details,that will help you.
Generally speaking, rotor is not a permanent magnet (ordinary magnet), to make it easier to obtain and control the magnetic field strength, in fact, the rotor is the electromagnet.
Large generators are 3-phase alternator, in order to increase power generation capacity, generator output voltage is usually a few thousand volts, and this according to P = UI can make the current drop to reduce the conductor loss.
The stator has three windings, respectively, placed in 120-degree angle, so that three windings of the two endpoints of one, tied together, is the neutral line (zero line) while the other three windings of the other endpoint line, compared to phase (FireWire)
And the rotor is usually 2-6 pole rotor, the rotor poles directly determines the power frequency, but the Chinese power is 50HZ, which will cut 50 times per second the magnetic induction lines, or 3,000 times per minute, cutting said magnetic induction lines. At this time, if it is a unipolar (only one magnet rotor) would need 3000 rpm spin speed, then if you use 2 pole, only to switch to 1500. 6-pole only need to switch to 500 .
Each of these poles is a winding, brush them through and by the ring (not a commutator, is a ring, let the power flow into the rotor to play but does not affect the operation of the function of the rotor) will send the stator out of the power of a small part, rectified to the rotor excitation. As long as the control excitation current, you can control the magnetic field strength, the control power voltage and current.
Even if there is no current flows through the coil, the motor also has a small amount of remanence (residual magnetism, which is a small amount of magnetic steel) and then just up and running, even if given a little bit of the stator electric voltage can also be slow to establish, then build current to operate the new unit or if it is a little residual magnetism did not, and can take an external power supply for excitation, so the voltage built up and become self-excitation.
How the Large generators make power.:
Laboratory generators, often used as a permanent magnet stators (ordinary magnets), so that the rotor operation, the rotor conductors cut the magnetic induction lines and power generation, the electricity passed by the ring .It has 2 of each winding ring, usually the laboratory on a winding, so to achieve power generation , of course, plenty of two windings, in order to get the DC you need to use a commutator. Otherwise, if the direct use by the ring, the electricity is alternating current.
Obviously, the efficiency of large units is certainly higher than the laboratory.
To put it simply, if your generator power of up to several megawatts (millions of watts) of capacity, so if you use the ring to be output power, this equipment will be heavily loaded, while good may be due to poor contact caused by the unstable voltage and current, while the spark is a loss. That is the reason why there are sparks, electrical energy is lost through heat loss.
Therefore, the stator unit of large-scale power generation mode makes it more economic, more stable, higher capacity, and more efficient. Thus the unit is the current power plant, including small gasoline generators.

The above mentioned details will point you towards right direction.

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